Once you’ve got in touch, we’ll meet to discuss what it is you want to achieve.  Don’t be put off if you’re not entirely sure what it is you want….. that’s what I can help you with! We’ll discuss where you want the filming to take place and who you want to be involved.  Do you want the film to include interviews, on-screen graphics, a strong soundtrack or all three!?  We’ll explore the options together and decide on the best way forward.  The main thing at this stage is that we have a really good discussion where I will be listening to what you want.  



I film using a High Definition camera model which has been approved by the BBC.  I record sound with high quality audio equipment  including a discreet radio microphone for interviews.  The high quality of my equipment is important for the look and sound of the end product.  Once we’ve agreed when, where and what you want to film then the fun can begin!  I can film in a number of different scenarios…. where the action is directed or captured as it happens.  Most of the time, I prefer to be a discreet presence, capturing the action as it unfolds naturally, rather than trying to re-create it after the event!   I have a good network of camera operators and directors, so if your project requires more than one camera, I have brilliant professionals to call on.



I’m passionate about editing together what I film myself.  I think it makes for a stronger end product… its the excitingand final part of the Jigsaw!  I work on the latest Apple Final Cut Pro software.  Most people want a film between 2 and 5 minutes long, but some may call for a longer duration.  Once I’ve completed the first draft, I’ll send it to you for approval and any changes you’d like to make.  When you’re happy, I’ll send you the final draft.

Jigsaw Pictures
Jigsaw pictures